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Get $75 off your pet's next dental cleaning, this offer will be good for 30 days after you receive a dental estimate.

Routine dental care and cleanings should be a part of your pet's regular veterinary care.  You wouldn't neglect your teeth, so do not neglect your pet's teeth either! Preventative care including frequent brushing, the use of dental rinses in the drinking water, prescription diets and professional dental cleanings can keep your pet's teeth healthy. These things should be started at a young age to ensure a happy and healthy life.

Call the hospital to schedule your pet's pre-dental cleaning exam and blood work. At this appointment, a veterinarian will conduct a thorough dental exam and provide a dental cleaning estimate. You will have 30 days to use this estimate to schedule a dental cleaning.  As always, if you have any questions, please call and speak to one of our technicians or veterinarians!