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Winter is over and we all survived the Polar Vortex!  Unfortunately, there are many bugs and bacteria that also survived the deep winter freeze!

The #1 infectious disease that we see in our hospital is Lyme Disease!

Over the past year we have increased our efforts to protect your pets against this infection and have seen good results - however - many of our patients are still unprotected and we frequently see new infections!

We have also seen an increase in intestinal parasites this year - these not only cause illnesses in our pets but also are a zoonotic risk.  This means that kids and adults can get sick from these parasites too.

A comprehensive plan to Protect and Prevent these infections are:

  • Annual Fecal Flotation - this screens for intestinal parasites
  • Annual 4DX - this screens for Heartworm and Lyme Disease and 2 other tick borne diseases
  • Monthly flea and tick prevention
    • Nexgard
    • Seresto Collar
    • Frontline Gold
  • Monthly Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Prevention
    • Heartgard

Together we can keep your pets happy, healthy and parasite free.  Take advantage of our Spring promotions!

*Buy 12 Heartgard doses - receive $12 OFF in house and receive $12 mail in rebate*

--- OR ---

*Buy 12 Heartgard doses and 6 Nexgard doses - receive $24 OFF in house, $12 mail in rebate and 2 FREE Nexgard doses*